Humber Valley United Church lives out the ministry of compassion during the most difficult times of life. Our congregation is a loving and caring faith community and we are sensitive to the sorrow you, your family and friends may be experiencing. 


We strive to provide a thoughtful funeral or memorial service and we have the resources to help you with the grieving process. Our minister, music director and pastoral care team are available on short notice when needed. They can meet with you and your family to discuss your wishes, assist you in selecting appropriate hymns or scriptures, and create an environment where the end of life is both honored and celebrated with dignity and fellowship. Our music department would be pleased to participate if you so wish.


You don't have to be members of the congregation to arrange a funeral or memorial service at Humber Valley United Church.


If you wish to use our Church for your remembrance, please contact the office, contact our minister or call 416-231-2263 Ext. 22. Rev. Dr. Trevor Brisbin will be pleased to officiate and help you plan the service.