Room Rentals at Humber Valley United Church

Our doors remain closed during the Covid-19 pandemic but inquiries are welcome.

Humber Valley United Church is a vibrant community church. All are welcome to our Sunday morning virtual worship service at 10:30am.


Reasonable short- and long-term bookings allow multiple returning renters. Community groups such as Brownies, Guides, MumNet, Alcoholics Anonymous, Peddleheads, Mad Science have ongoing space reservations.


Check us out for birthday and anniversary parties, concerts and sports events! Contact Janet for more information or call 416-231-2263 x40, where you can also leave a message. We have set fees for each area of the church so please do not hesitate to email your request.

Rooms for Use at Humber Valley

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The Sanctuary


The Sanctuary has exceptional acoustics which all choirs and musicians rave about. It is an excellent space for concerts, piano recitals and presentations.  Renters may use our organ, grand piano or upright piano. The Sanctuary is used annually for spring and Christmas concerts by many community groups. The stunning stained glass windows, designed by renowned Canadian artist Eric Wesselow, offer a beautiful setting for weddings, funerals and various functions.

Arthur Steed Fellowship Hall


Arthur Steed Fellowship Hall can be set up with round tables with up to 8 chairs at each. The room can hold up to 180 people for a dinner party.  It also works well for a DJ and dancing with fewer tables set up.  If having a large meeting up to 200 chairs can be placed theatre style. There is a stage and a large screen for projection.  A grand piano is situated in this room. Includes WIFI.

The Hearth Room


The Hearth Room can be used for a formal board meeting or set up theatre style for a presentation with projector and speakers. There is also a relaxed area with sofas and a fireplace for more informal gatherings. This room has many features available such as a lectern, a sound system and a projector with a large screen that comes down from the ceiling. An upright piano is also available for use. Includes WIFI.

Our Commercial Kitchen


Our Commercial Kitchen can be accessed from either the Arthur Steed Fellowship Hall or the Hearth Room.  The use of dishes, cutlery, cups and saucers and mugs, along with the commercial dishwasher are available for a fee of $170. There are 3 stoves with ovens and a very large refrigerator. Two 110 cup coffee makers are also included.

Friendship Hall

Friendship Hall, which is a small gym size room, on the lower level can accommodate children’s birthday parties, meetings, film crews, or sports related activities.

Room 5

Lower level rooms including #2, 5 & 6 can be set up for informal meetings of up to 15 people. Two of these rooms have pianos which can be used for voice lessons or small choir practices.

Room 6
The Nursery

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Room 5